Vision and Mission Statement 

Hermosa Mineral Cosmetics 

Vision Statement
To bring the “Hermosa” life style to our clients. 

Mission Statement
Hermosa Mineral Cosmetics will facilitate and alleviate the difficult task of cosmetic use by providing a healthy, quality and nature-based products at a value price. 

The Hermosa Mineral Cosmetic Story
Have you ever been frustrated with spending your time and money on a cosmetic only to realize that it was terrible for your skin type? As a Hispanic woman with sensitive skin I have had many experiences where I thought I found a quality cosmetic product only to end up being very irritated over spending money on something that was horrible for my skin.

My name is Silvia Sevilla and I founded Hermosa Mineral Cosmetics after being frustrated of buying various products that did not help my skin (or my wallet). I became motivated to create a cosmetic product line that would give women a quality, natural and affordable product. After extensive research and analysis we are proud to introduce Hermosa Mineral Cosmetics. Hermosa Mineral Cosmetics brings together the elements of what our clients are looking for in a natural based cosmetic product QUALITY and VALUE. 

At Hermosa Mineral Cosmetics we understand that everyone has different skin types. It is for this reason that we have created all of our Hermosa Mineral Cosmetics products from natural oils and vitamins so that you will look great while your skin is being nourished. At Hermosa Mineral Cosmetics we believe our mineral cosmetic line is the perfect way to treat your skin in a healthy and natural fashion while you look and feel amazing!